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This is Major

The end of the first semester in secondary ELA classes always seems to be a mad dash to the finish line.  So many loose ends to wrap up, assignments to mark, and essays to assess before the final exam.  There is also planning to do for next semester.  In the midst of this chaotic circus we call teaching, I have been contemplating the major project for EC&I 832.

thought process
The aftermath of an ELA PLC which gives you an idea of how my desk looks during finals week.  P.S.  I recycled all of the paper


Source: Kyla Moffatt, 2018

I have been reflecting on the use of technology within my classroom, within my department, and within our school as a whole and I have determined that there are areas where improvements are needed.  This is a bit overwhelming for a neophyte such as myself – where do I begin?  What will be the best way to infuse technology and online learning tools (which I know next to nothing about) into my classroom in a way that is purposeful?  How can I best educate my students not only on the proper use of technology to enhance their learning but also on the importance of digital citizenship?

For my Major Project, I intend to develop a scope and sequence for secondary ELA that will support and/or enhance the digital components (products and processes) in our curricular documents while incorporating portions of Ribble’s nine elements and keeping in mind the Saskatchewan’s Digital Citizenship Continuum and Saskatchewan’s Digital Citizenship Policy Planning Guide.

I would like to vet resources to use that will not only support the curricular outcomes but enhance the students’ digital citizenship at the same time. We have recently had a problem in our building with kids using their devices inappropriately (bullying, sending nude/partially nude photos) so I am interested in searching for ways we can integrate digital citizenship education  – to enhance our students’ learning and knowledge in online safety – while meeting our curricular outcomes/objectives.  

Another area that I intend to incorporate is social activism; this is a perfect fit because Developing Literacies and Developing Social Responsibility are cross-curricular learnings embedded in the 10-12 curricula.  These will likely end up being the primary area of focus for my project, guided by the need to teach my students to be socially responsible citizens, both digitally and otherwise.  

Though I will be attempting to develop the entire scope and sequence for ELA 10-12, I will likely focus specifically on developing a “technology infusion” for ELA 20 since I teach two sections of it this coming semester and could actually pilot the lessons and assessment tools that I will be developing for the project.

Bonus:  I will be completing my project for my grad class but also planning for my students.



4 thoughts on “This is Major”

  1. I love that you are focusing on social activism! Our students need to realize that their behaviors online matter and that they need to take control of their online activities. They need to use their skills and abilities for good and not evil! I look forward to seeing your project!


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