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Work Work Work Work Work Work

When it rains it pours.

That’s the saying I was reminded of this past week when a huge project we expected to do in a few weeks’ time had to be fast tracked and completed in one weekend so as not to disrupt classes in our gym – and we had to make it happen with two days notice.  After three 16+ hour days I am glad to say that the project is finished!!  My husband and kids, as well as a handful of our cheer family, demolished an existing subfloor in our cheer gym.  Then my husband, son, daughter and I put together a 42 foot x 54 foot spring floor.  My body aches.

A reluctant crew
A reluctant crew
Just floored about leveling this floor!
Just floored about leveling this floor!


Spring Floor completed!
Spring Floor completed!


Needless to say, everything else took a back seat to this floor project.  I had a lot of time to think while doing all that physical labour, and yesterday and today have been spent continuing my work on the major project.  I discussed what I intend to do for this project in my blog post This is Major.

I am working to develop a scope and sequence for secondary ELA that will support and/or enhance the digital components (products and processes) in our curricular documents while incorporating portions of Ribble’s nine elements – particularly Digital Communication, Digital Literacy, Digital Etiquette, and Digital Rights and Responsibilities.  I have a good friend and colleague who is going to pilot the resources I am creating – we are intending to support the curricular outcomes but enhance the students’ digital citizenship at the same time.  The goal is to enhance our students’ learning and knowledge in online safety – while meeting our curricular outcomes/objectives.  

Digital Citizenship Education in Saskatchewan Schools is one of the documents that is influencing how I am designing the tech infusion for my classroom.  Thoughts about how to infuse technology and digital citizenship learnings into the existing curricula is tricky considering we are seriously lacking in the technology department.  We don’t have access to nearly enough devices for students.  We encourage BYOD, but even then it is still a struggle to have all students “connected” at the same time.  I have found some useful ideas for how to incorporate using technology in the classroom –  10 Classroom Blogging Ideas to Boost Engagement by Hattie James is one list that I intend to use in my planning.  Another one that I think has some very good ideas is 50 Creative Writing Prompts for Student Blogging.  Don’t let the name fool you – these ideas are useful for many ELA classes and not just Creative Writing.

Though I feel like I have much to do for this project, I am so excited about the learning potential this will provide for my students.



2 thoughts on “Work Work Work Work Work Work”

  1. You truly are a busy woman! It is understandable that access to devices and connectivity can put a damper on our ability as teachers to use technology efficiently, but I definitely think that the work you are doing with students in teaching them that aspect of digital literacy, that access to technology is an important privilege, is important. We are so fortunate to be teaching during a time when things like Google Classroom allow students to submit their work via their cell phones as well. Last semester I had one girl who would submit her ELA assignments from her cell phone while the combine was dumping. For creative writing purposes, the fact that students have their phones with them pretty much all the time lends itself well to being able to jot down ideas in notes as soon as they come to students. I remember having a pencil by my bed growing up and jotting notes on my wall when I would think of them so I wouldn’t lose them before I fell asleep, oh how far we have come!
    I really look forward to continuing to track your work on your project. Thank you for sharing the prompts, and awesome job on your floor!


  2. Wow that looks like a big job to instal the spring floor in such a short time! Way to go and I’m glad you were able to think about your major project as well. I love that you support the BYOD. I also struggle with getting all students online at the same time I hope it is something that gets easier the more we do it. I think focusing on online safety is so important for our students it sounds like a great project.


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