EC&I 832

The End of the (EC&I 832) Road

I. Am. Exhausted.  I bring on my own suffering in a sense because I love what I’m doing – teaching, coaching, learning – but sometimes the price I pay is counted in lack of sleep.


This is my final blog post about my EC & I 832 journey and will detail what I completed for my major project for this class.  I blogged about my ideas for the project in my blog post This is Major, but long story short – I intended to develop a scope and sequence for secondary ELA that supported/enhanced the digital components (products and processes) in our curricular documents while incorporating portions of Ribble’s nine elements and also keeping in mind the Saskatchewan’s Digital Citizenship Continuum and Saskatchewan’s Digital Citizenship Policy Planning Guide.  After consulting through our SK ELA 20 curriculum guide, and reviewing Outcomes & Indicators as well as the required forms of Speaking, Writing, and other forms of Representing for ELA 20, I set about figuring out a way to incorporate the use of digital technologies for the required forms.  The outline of my plans can be found here.  Most of the technology extensions are logical progressions of the students’ work.  We are coming up with criteria and assessment tools as a collaborative unit and they are enjoying having input into their assignments and evaluation methods.  They are having fun exploring new mediums and I am learning so much from their journey.  This technology “newb” is learning from the students just as much (or likely more) than they are learning from me!


Based on my students’ feedback, they knew very little about digital citizenship or what makes a good digital citizen.  Once we started exploring these elements, they soon realized they knew more than they thought they did, but there were also some misconceptions and misinformation.  I developed a series of lessons that aimed to have my students explore what it is to be a digital citizen.  Students explored Ribble’s Nine Elements, we worked through some of the amazing lessons and activities found on that website, and my students examined our school’s and our division’s Acceptable Use policies.  Then we discussed the digital danger zones that people need to be mindful of – we watched some powerful programs about the story of Amanda Todd and listened to the powerful spoken word poetry of Canadian Shane Koyczan.  Finally, we wrapped up the mini-unit by developing spoken word poems and recording them for our class.  You can check out my mini-unit here.  


Another area that I wanted students to explore was social activism.  I am hoping to tie this to a culminating inquiry project which they are starting at the beginning of May.  Developing Literacies and Developing Social Responsibility are cross-curricular learnings embedded in the 10-12 curricula and so I am encouraging the students to develop their inquiry project in a way that help their community while encouraging my students to be socially responsible citizens.

Having the opportunity to put what I learned into practice in my ELA classroom is a great help to my students.  I look forward to continuing this journey with them.  I am very thankful for the opportunities to explore media literacies that EC & I 832 has provided me – even if I did stress myself out! 🙂



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