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After what feels like a bit of a whirlwind, blink-and-you-miss-it, semester of work, I am ready (?) to submit my course prototype for blended Pre-AP ELA 20.  I submit this with some trepidation.  It is not “finished” – meaning that the course is not completed.   I intend to fully develop this course and use it this fall with my Pre-AP ELA 20 class.


Blended learning provides the best of both worlds – online delivery of content as well as the face to face interactions in the traditional classroom.  I talked about my decision process in choosing this particular class to design in my blog with my course profile.  Essentially, it was a necessity for me to attempt to create something that could be used for a few different purposes.  The first – providing a thorough, enriching learning environment for students.  Much of what we do in AP ELA is accelerated.  The students do most of the reading on their own time so that we can use class time for discussions and group work rather than reading literature.  Because of that, it is important that students be given access to background information and relevant activities that will enhance their understanding of the literature they are studying.  The second purpose – to help students who may not be able to physically attend class on a regular basis.  This is the most important element for me in designing the course because I am doing it with a few particular students in mind.  AP ELA is such a rigorous course that missing class is often detrimental to the learning of the students.  With a blended course, missing class doesn’t have to mean that the absent student has to be at a deficit!

The course modules I developed so far are the “Welcome to Pre-AP 20” introductory material, the Summer Reading of Daisy Miller, and the novel study for To Kill a Mockingbird.

For the first submission, I built the shell of the course. Then I developed some of the Welcome to AP material, including the “Read me first!” note, the course outline, uploaded the AP Essay rubric, posted the Introductory Survey I have my students complete, and created placemarkers for the other aspects of my course. I also created a screencast video of a Prezi I designed called “Character Relationships in To Kill a Mockingbird” – this can be found under the subheading “After Reading TKAM Chapter 1.”

For the final submission, I expanded the “Summer Reading of Daisy Miller: A Study” section to include information on the dialectical journal (blog) that the students will create as well as the rubric that I will use for the assessment of their posts.

I also put a significant amount of work into developing the To Kill a Mockingbird section of the course. I added:  background information to the “Before Reading TKAM” section; “The Scotsboro Affair” reading and connection questions to “After Reading TKAM Chapter 8”; Video and connection questions to “After Reading TKAM Chapter 8″; Symbols and Motifs assignment to After Reading TKAM Chapter 11”; screencast of “Exploring Plot Lines of TKAM” power point to “After Reading TKAM”; Multiple Choice quiz for the novel using to develop quizzes and embedded the quizzes as links in the course prototype.

I am really quite excited to continue developing this course and to use it with my Pre-AP ELA 20 students!

Here’s what you’ll see when you head to my course!

If you want to check out my course, you can visit it here:  Moffatt’s PRE-AP ELA 20 course

You can also view a screencast “walkthrough” of my course on Youtube here – Moffatt’s PRE-AP ELA 20 course walkthrough.


4 thoughts on “Of COURSE!”

  1. ” I intend to fully develop this course and use it this fall with my Pre-AP ELA 20 class”

    Don’t let that be a hesitation! It is much the same for Dani and I as we are implementing our course as we design it. I’m sure you will continue to tweak and revamp it as you implement, and that’s how it should be!

    Well done!

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  2. I also can’t believe we are at our final assignment already! I also have a long road ahead to complete my course, but I am feeling really motivated because of what I have completed so far. You should be very proud of the online course you created. It is evident that you put a lot of time and effort into this online course. I think your use of Canvas as your LMS works very well for your purpose. It is well organized and easy to navigate. Hope it all works out well in the fall!!

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