EC&I 834

Summary of Learning!

What a great semester in EC&I 834!

Thank you so much to Alec and to my classmates.  You’ve truly been an inspiration… so much so that I have goals of continuing down this path of designing blended learning environments!

For now, I hope you enjoy my Summary of Learning video!

Until next time!

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3 thoughts on “Summary of Learning!”

  1. Nice Summary of Learning Kyla! I like the personal touch at the beginning, along with the cumulative tone. Every class we’ve taken with Alec has built upon the last, haven’t they?

    Your quote is also very appropriate to our own learning and the kind of capacity we are hoping to foster with our students. Building connections that enable learning is so much more important than what we know now, because what we know now may not be applicable tomorrow!

    Well done!


  2. Well done Kyla! How did you like using Adobe Spark to create your summary of learning? I haven’t had a chance to use it yet, but you were able to create a beautiful summary of learning. I liked the added touch of background music. Your summary of learning was very well done. I like how you connected what we learned to the learning theories. All the best in your next few classes!


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